Autumn Classes in Loughborough

Below you will find some information about the exciting range of classes planned in various locations around Loughborough this autumn.  Ring 01509 268636 for more information or to enrol;

Monday Drawing media mania Quest House 16 September 10 am
Monday Four novels: making & breaking of nations Gorse Covert, Maxwell Drive 16 September 10 am
Monday Wildlife in an urban landscape Baptist Church, Baxter Gate 16 September 10 am
Monday Wildlife conservation Baptist Church, Baxter Gate 28 October 10 am
Monday Landscape painting in oils and acrylics Quest House 16 September 1.30 pm
Monday What’s the point of philosophy? Unity House, Fennel Street 23 September 2 pm
Monday Tell your story, write it down! Quest House 23 September 7 pm
Tuesday The modernist nude: drawing & painting Quest House 17 September 9.45 am
Tuesday Get your career on track Quest House 24 September 12.30 pm
Tuesday Walks with talks (first session 1pm at QH) Quest House – 3 excursions (10.30 am) 17 September 1 pm
Tuesday Talking film Quest House (fortnightly meetings) 22 October 1 pm
Tuesday Life and times of King Richard III Rosebery St Peter’s C.C. Storer Road 17 September 2.30 pm
Tuesday Crooks in books John Florance 17 September 6.30 pm
Wednesday Drawing nature from nature in autumn Quest House 18 September 9.45 am
Wednesday The evolving orchestra Baptist Church, Baxter Gate 18 September 10.30 am
Wednesday The European State System Quest House 18 September 2 pm
Wednesday So you think you can’t draw? Quest House 18 September 7 pm
Thursday Colour workshop for artists Quest House 19 September 9.45 am
Thursday The Black Death Quest House 19 September 1.30 pm
Thursday Spiritual change in a secular world Baptist Church, Baxter Gate 19 September 2.30 pm
Thursday A comet is coming! Quest House 19 September 7 pm
Thursday Tai Chi Gorse Covert, Maxwell Drive 19 September 7 pm
Friday The creative writers’ bag of trickes! Quest House 20 September 9.30 am
Friday Tai Chi for improvers Gorse Covert, Maxwell Drive 20 September 10 am
Friday Tai Chi Gorse Covert, Maxwell Drive 20 September 1 pm
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