Loughborough artists stage great exhibition

Students from several of Erica Middleton’s art classes at Loughborough Branch mounted a very well attended exhibition of their work on Friday 6th June. During the course of the evening over eighty visitors came through the doors at Quest House, and greatly enjoyed the wide range of works displayed. There were colourful abstracts, landscapes, portraits and drawings from life in a variety of media, large and small. Some were displayed on easels, and others were around the walls on versatile display shelves erected by tutor organiser Mike Wilson.

Erica and the artists were delighted with the response from their audience, which made the hard work needed to coordinate the exhibition beforehand and put everything in place on the night well worth while. They also provided drinks and nibbles for the visitors, and had a team of stalwart dishwashers in constant motion, as the total number of visitors had exceeded the supply of 65 glasses!

Mandy, the Loughborough secretary, mentioned to one of the artists that she had just started art classes at WEA, and could not imagine ever being as good as the exhibitors were. The artist responded “WEA has taught me everything I know about art. I started as a complete beginner, and now I even feel confident enough to show my work in exhibitions.” There’s hope for us beginners yet!

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