Art at WEA puts Kirsty on track

Kirsty Fox began studying for a degree in Psychiatric Nursing, and became very interested in the field of art therapy. Events in Kirsty’s home life forced her to drop out of her course, and affected her self-confidence. For a while, she could not see a way forward, and felt very low. She had always enjoyed drawing and painting, and decided that she would love to become an Art Therapist, but first she needed to get qualifications in Art. She found that she’d need to assemble a more varied and extensive portfolio of work, to be considered for an advanced course – another hurdle to overcome.

Things changed for Kirsty when she noticed Loughborough WEA’s posters for a range of Art classes on display outside Quest House. She inquired there and then, and after a chat with Centre Administrator Lynn she signed up for classes. She was very nervous as she went into her first class, but the friendly help and encouragement she received from the tutor and other students soon made her feel at ease.

Kirsty with some of her work

Kirsty with some of her work

Kirsty worked with three art tutors to develop skills in different areas, and was soon able to build up her portfolio, and she felt ready to apply for courses leading to formal qualifications. Everyone at Quest house was delighted when Kirsty called to withdraw from the new WEA courses she’d signed up for, once they heard the reason. She had gained a place at Loughborough College to study for an Advanced Diploma in Art and Design.

Kirsty is loving her college course, though it is very hard work, and her confidence gained another boost when she got a distinction for her first project, and a rarely awarded special commendation from her tutor. Well done, Kirsty!

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