How to find us

We are at Woodgate Chambers, 70 Woodgate, Loughborough LE11 2TZ.

For those of you who know Loughborough, the building used to be the old Police Station and Magistrate’s Court.

Woodgate Chambers also houses Glebe House (a meeting place and coffee bar for adults with disabilities), as well as CAB and some other offices upstairs…

Quest pic 1

This photo is a few years old now, but it’s still pretty much as you see it in this picture: Woodgate Chambers is the building on the right. The WEA offices and classroom are upstairs, about halfway down the block. There are three ways in to our rooms (but NOTE: the quickest entrance is not accessible if there’s a class on…).

Driving and Parking

See the map below.

Woodgate is part of the town centre’s one-way system: Woodgate Chambers is on your left as you drive down Woodgate.

You can either park in the Beehive Car Park on Woodgate – behind us in the picture above – or in the car park next door (the one shown in the picture, called Sital House Car Park now, since the picture above was taken).

On foot

Between the building and the car park, there is a little pedestrian walk-way which leads through to the side of the Town Hall in the middle of the main Market Place. It’s called Town Hall Passage. We’re on the left – obviously – if you come from the Market Place!


Inside the Building

There are two ways in to the building along Town Hall Passage:

One:   If you prefer to use a lift, look for the red-brown double doors – with handrails either side – about a third of the way along Woodgate Chambers building.

Quest pic 2

It’s also labelled Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Go in and turn first left – you’ll see the door to the lift.

NOTE – you have to keep pressing the button to keep the lift in motion, it stops if you don’t!

When you come out of the lift, turn right, and follow the signs down the narrow corridor, through three fire-doors. You’ll come to the kitchen, office and classroom.

Two:  The more direct route to the classroom is via the stairs. From Town Hall Passage, look for the car-port two thirds of the way down the building. There are signs at the door and two short flights of stairs lead straight into the classroom.

Quest pic 3


Currently we use two venues in Loughborough:

Quest House

Quest House is located on Town Hall passage, between the Market Place and Woodgate, next door to CAB.

Gorse Covert Community Centre

Gorse Covert Community Centre is in the same complex as the Morrisons supermarket.


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